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July 2011
New version of the module "Introduction to microstructures"

As in all FILIPE’s scientific modules, the presentations and activities of this new module are designed for non-French speaking students and are geared towards familiarising them with the subject’s key vocabulary and the recurring structures of scientific French.
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Training in the use of FILIPE’s modules: standard course sequence


Benefit from our experience in teaching scientific French and in the use of FILIPE to raise intercultural awareness, and facilitate the transfer of these practices to your establishment.

Target audience

Teachers of French as a foreign language in universities, science-oriented higher education establishments and language centres in France and abroad, offering courses to non French-speaking science students.


Subsequent to this training, you will have sufficient knowledge of FILIPE’s pedagogical model and resources to incorporate the program into your classes and/or guide students in their use of FILIPE as a learning tool.

Duration: 2 days

This can be adjusted to your needs and constraints.

Contents of the training

A participative approach that alternates presentations with discussion and practical workshops:

Course sequence

Part 1

Part 2


Price of the training course

This may vary depending on organisational factors and the number of participants: feel free to contact us.

Contact: Estelle Dutto