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July 2011
New version of the module "Introduction to microstructures"

As in all FILIPE’s scientific modules, the presentations and activities of this new module are designed for non-French speaking students and are geared towards familiarising them with the subject’s key vocabulary and the recurring structures of scientific French.
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The best way to prepare for studying in France.

Each year, hundreds of international students take advantage of the FILIPE e-learning program to prepare for and facilitate their science and technology studies in France.

The FILIPE e-learning program makes use of multimedia modules comprising oral presentations and interactive exercises, allowing non-French speaking international students wishing to study engineering in France to:

The scientific presentations provided have been specially designed with non-French speaking students in mind. The aim is to help them get to grips with vocabulary that is essential for the subjects covered as well as the recurring sentence structures used in scientific French.

The modules currently available cover various fields of engineering science. These thematic resources prepare students to follow and understand courses taught in French, depending on their areas of interest. The student must already have some knowledge of the field’s scientific content. The modules are free to view and download on the website.

… from foreign universities

FILIPE’s multimedia modules are designed to be integrated into existing French courses by teachers at foreign universities, but can also be used in a self-training context. Pedagogical support for students taking the modules requires no prior scientific knowledge on the part of the French teacher.

FILIPE can be used as part of existing bilingual courses or in the development of new courses. The geographical targets selected for mass deployment are Asia (China, Vietnam, India and Thailand) and Latin America (Brazil and Mexico). The program’s set-up requires local teaching teams to be trained both face to face and remotely. Special training for tutors can also be organised upon request.

The usage results obtained since 2005 from several hundred international students show that FILIPE can contribute significantly to the acquisition of specialist French by non-French speaking students of different nationalities.

A far-reaching consortium

The FILIPE program counts the following French higher education establishments among its members:

FILIPE is able to rely upon several groups and committees comprised of experts from partner establishments. It is backed by the French Ministry of Education and forms part of the international strategic framework set up by UNIT, the Digital University of Engineering and Technology.