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July 2011
New version of the module "Introduction to microstructures"

As in all FILIPE’s scientific modules, the presentations and activities of this new module are designed for non-French speaking students and are geared towards familiarising them with the subject’s key vocabulary and the recurring structures of scientific French.
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A user guide and a number of pedagogical annexes are made available to teachers of French as a foreign language who wish to use FILIPÉ.


User guide

This guide is based primarily on the program’s experimental deployment at the Sino-European School of Technology of Shanghai University (UTSEUS).

Authors: Julie Mulot, Estelle Dutto, Franck Meunier

Part 1 of the user guide describes the learning program and gives practical advice regarding its implementation and on providing support to students. It allows users to familiarise themselves with FILIPÉ and to use it correctly.

Author: Julie Mulot

Part 2 details the tutor’s roles and gives concrete examples of the pedagogical activities used within the scope of FILIPÉ. It is aimed at teachers and tutors who would like to know the conclusions drawn from the use of FILIPÉ in a specific case in which a highly supervised approach was applied, so as to modify and diversify their own pedagogical methods. This document stems entirely from the initial version of the user guide (September 2007). pédagogique. Ce document est intégralement issu du guide d’utilisation première version (septembre 2007).


Pedagogical annexes

These documents can be supplied to teachers of French as a foreign language upon request.

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Each module is accompanied by documentation aimed at teachers and tutors. This “tutorial kit” includes:
- the general activity plan
- in some cases, a more precise plan of linguistic objectives
- a proposed end-of-module assessment in paper form, with correction notes
- a written transcript of the lesson
- a student satisfaction questionnaire and a tutor’s guide to filling out the session report (which the tutor can complete at the end of each tutored session and send to the FILIPÉ team).


This document gives teachers easy access to the entirety of the module’s texts and, most notably, to the detailed contents of computerised activities. The aim of this booklet is to help teachers provide support to students and, in particular, to enable the coordination of classroom and computer-based work.
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